Sold to a buyer in Phoenix.
When I go into the local West Marine store to look over the sailboat rigging, the standard, annoyingly cheerful question from the store clerks is “What are you rigging?”. Obviously an attempt to be friendly and get the customer talking about their boat. My problem with it is that if I tell them “I’m rigging a Michalak designed 20 foot gaff rigged lee board sharpie camp cruiser I’m building from plywood and epoxy.” I would generate more questions and have to be sociable…
When I was looking for my next boat to build, I looked at many designs. I knew I wanted a camp cruiser, something that I could day sail, and still overnight in if I wanted to. It had to be big enough to carry three or more adults as well. I considered building the Bolger Micro, but even if “real sailors don’t sail to windward”, I wanted to. I considered a 17 foot camp cruiser from Glen-L, a very pretty boat, but it was a tad small for my tastes.
As I kept reading Jim Michalak’s essays on various aspects of boat building I kept seeing the AF3, and various tests that were being run on it. My first thought was that it was a, well, square, boat. As I read more about sharpies though, I began to see the inherent beauty in the simple designs.
The AF3 was a bit small for my needs, but the AF2, now, that was a boat! It didn’t hurt that the AF2 would be easy to try different sail rigs on, that it would be easy to build over the winter, that the big flat bottom and shallow buttock angle looked like it would plane easily, and that the plans were only $30 bucks or so. Also, there is something about building the prototype that took my fancy…
Anyway, to the pictures!

The Building Begins

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